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Senior Pastor: Rev. William O. Robinson

Minister(s): Minister Calvron Marshall

Deacon Board: Chairman - Wayne Johnson, Terry Young, James Truss, Ken Shelton, Willie J. Forman

Church Clerk: Mildred Wynn

Treasurer: Terry Young

Budget Committee: Chairperson - Alice Forman, Terry Young, Mildred Wynn, Verhonda Embery, Cheryl Johnson

Trustees: Chairman - Marshall Robinson, Wayne Johnson, Emmitt Brand, Mary F. Coleman, Lillie Gover

Kitchen/Culinary: Chairperson - Cheryl Johnson, Cherry Harris, Betty Beavers

Calendar: Cheryl Johnson, Verhonda Embery

Publicity/Advertising: Verhonda Embery, Rev. William Robinson

Sunday School: Superintendent - Ken Shelton, Asst. - James Truss, Secretary: Nick Robinson, Brianna Constable

Music Committee: Chairperson - Betty Beavers; Adult Choir President - Peggy Threatt, Vice - Tonya Forman; Youth Choir President - Candice Constable

Ministers of Music: Min. Calvron Marshall, Tre Robinson, Nick Robinson

Youth Director: Tonya Forman; Advisors: Cheryl Johnson, Leah Robinson

Scholarship Committee: Peggy Threatt, Alice Forman, Terry Young

Senior Citizens Committee: Lillie Gover, Mia Jordan

Benevolence Committee: Mia Jordan, Peggy Threatt, Mildred Wynn, Terry Young

Outreach & Evangelism Committee: Wayne Johnson, Tara Pickett, Verhonda Embery

Usher Board: Senior Chairperson- Mildred Wynn; Junior Chairperson - Mia Jordan

Praise Dance Director: Carla Hale-Marshall; Advisor - Leah Robinson